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Nobel-prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, reading a recent issue, looked up to declare that LBO is full of “wonderful rants and some very interesting facts.”

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LBO has been quiet for a long time. It won’t be for much longer. New issue by Thanksgiving.


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Naomi Murakawa on liberal & the careral state • Amy Binder on Harvard kids and finance • Chase Madar on overcriminalization • Jeff Smith on Ferguston, St Louis, and politica science • Suzanna Walters against queer embourgeoisement • Tony Samara on the rental housing crisis • Art Goldhammer on the European elections • Nikil Saval on the office • Yanis Varoufakis on the European elections • Mohamad Elmasry on Egypt • Matt Taibbi on the class divide in the criminal justice system • Heidi Shierholz on the labor market plight of the young • Kshama Sawant on practical revolution • Trudy Lieberman on how much Obamacare will cost you • Priya Gopal on the fascist threat in India • Keith Gessen on Ukraine & Russia • Martin Gilens on how the rich run everything • Jane McAlevey on the UAW’s defeat in Tennessee • DH reviews Thomas Piketty • Philip Shelley on firing tenured faculty in Maine • César Ayala and Rafael Bernabe on the Puerto Rican economic mess • Anatol Lieven on Ukraine • Micah Uetricht on the Chicago Teachers Union • Andrew Ross on debt & resistance • Evelyn McDonnell on The Runaways • Greg Grandin on Melville and slavery • Melissa Gira Grant on sex work as work • George Ciccariello-Maher on the Venezuelan troubles • Adolph Reed on the long decline of the U.S. left • Richard Walker on California • Laura Newland on how Wall Street messes up college • Tom Philpott on GMOs • Christian Parenti on capital, nature, and the state • Anne Elizabeth Moore on Cambodia • Stephanie Coontz on why men need feminism • Branko Milanovic on world income distribution • Ricardo Paes Mamede and Raquel Varela on Portugal and the eurocrisis • Sam Gindin on why unions need a left • Christy Thornton on NYU, the corporate university, and the union difference • Mark Fisher on identitarianism, and depressive hedonia • George Scialabba on democracy & plutocracy • Jennifer Silva on the consciousness of younger working-class adults • Heidi Shierholz on what has and hasn’t been driving wage inequality • Richard Seymour on the politics of austerity in the UK • Arun Gupta on what's behind the fast food labor campaignMax Blumenthal on post-democratic Israel • Michelle Chen on how drug companies screw the sick with patents • Mark Ames on libertarianism and the Koch Bros. • Bruce Bartlett on the GOP crazies • Isaac Martin on the history of rich people’s movements • Jodi Dean on the need for a left party • Kashama Sawant on her socialist campaign for Seattle city council • Daniel Denvir on the crisis in Philadelphia public schools • Jonathan Crary on the ill effects of always-on, 24/7 culture• Sanjay Reddy on the Indian economy • Jesse Walker on conspiracy & American paranoia • Greg Shupak on Libya • Monica Potts on poor white women • Gayatri Spivak on Gramsci • Mariana Mazzucato on state-sponsored technological change • Anna Allanbrook on education, progressive and otherwise • Darius Charney on stop & frisk • Philip Mirowski on the durable ideology of neoliberalism • Tom Sugrue on the history of Detroit’s decline • Al Blumstein on crime and punishment stats • Penny Lewis on hardhats, hippies, and the Vietnam War • Kathi Weeks on the problem with work • Steve Horn on the Obama-linked foundation at the core of the school privatization agenda • Gilbert Achcar on Egypt • Adolph Reed on the new generation of (neoliberal) black politicians • Rachel Kushner on The Flamethrowers • Mark Mizruchi on the rot of the corporate class • Chase Madar on Bradley Manning & Edward Snowden • Mark Dery on glam rock • Alan Finlayson on Bonoism • Betsy Hartmann on Malthusianism • Sungur Savran on Turkey • Lee Badgett on LGB poverty • Harry Browne on the dreadful Bono • Eamonn Fingleton on Japan • David Cay Johnston on the IRS scandal • Richard Katz on Abenomics • Barbara Garson on coping with recession and decline • Corey Robin on reaction • Mark Blyth on austerity • Alex Vitale on the militarization of the cops • Josh Eidelson on worker actions in fast food and against Walmart • Minqi Li on the Chinese economy • George Ciccariello-Maher on the movements that Hugo Chavez both emerged from and enabled • Tom Mills and Richard Seymour talk (unkindly) about the legacy of Margaret Thatcher • Kate Losse on Sheryl Sandberg’s feminism and the meaning of Facebook • Ahmad Shokr on Egypt’s economy • Terry Kupers on the psychological effects of prison • Haley Sweetland Edwards on how Wall Street took over Dodd-Frank....

"incisive, accessible and engaging" -

from recent issues

LBO goes to school: the education package

How we could do better Yes, poverty has a lot to do with poor educational performance, but that’s a long way from the whole story. We’re just not “resilient.”

In and out of school How the U.S. stacks up internationally on education spending, enrollment, attainment (hint: not so well)

Beastly numbers How do you explain educational outcomes? Poverty, mostly.

Charter to nowhere Do charter schools work, and if so, for whom?

and otherwise

What a damn mess Just how bad does this economy suck? Real bad.

2009: income down, poverty up, more uninsured income & poverty in the U.S. [note: 2010 numbers in the latest issue, for subscribers only].

Old world, new crisis The EU melodrama



“Doug Henwood is a wicked genius” — Susie Bright

“Full of some wonderful rants and very interesting facts” — Nobel prize winner Joseph Stiglitz

“The first step is everybody should subscribe to LBO.” — Adolph Reed

“We steal your stuff all the time” — Jim Hightower

invaluable” — Noam Chomsky

“You're scum...sick and's tragic you exist.” — former Wall Street Journal executive editor Norman Pearlstine

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